About me

I'm a french IT Security Consultant living in Amsterdam, I work for FireEye in the i3 team. I'm interested in Malware Analysis, Reverse Engineering and in all the IT Security field in General.

Some Principles


In order to bring Science to Everybody. I've initiated HackGyver, the first Hackerspace in the Franche-Comté county located in Belfort (France). This place brings together people from all backgrounds, ready to learn and discover new technologies, they come here to innovate bringing their awesome projects (3D Printer, fun arduino based devices, etc.)

Malware.lu CERT

I was part of the Malware.lu CERT team which is the first private CSIRT(Computer Security Incident Response Team) located in Luxembourg Luxembourg.

i3 Team @ FireEye

I am part of the International Incident Intelligence (I3) a 365/24/7 team. Performing general technical threat analysis (Malware analysis, etc.)


I enjoy many kinds of music style and I also play the synthesizer while killing time. Uplifting/Trance/Progressive/Drum and Bass/Nu-Disco so many different styles...


When it comes to good food I am always in. From Bistro burgers to Japanese food ;-)

Side projects and hobbies

I'm currently involved in